This is the HitchHackerGuide.com Documentation lookup. This project is still in development and is free for public usage, but please be aware that its functionality and design might be subject to change.

The usage is fairly simple. You can either use the input box on the top of this page to lookup WordPress or PHP functions or simply append the function name you're looking for to the url. For example: http://lookup.hitchhackerguide.com/wp_insert_category.

If you're using Panic Coda or other software that provide a manual lookup you can simply implement a lookup url in your IDE. For Coda this is done using the following steps:

Coda HitchHackerGuide WordPress Lookup Setup
  • Select Books from your toolbar
  • Hit the plus-sign at the bottom to add a new book
  • Enter a Book Title and optionally "http://hitchhackerguide.com" as Book Address
  • Select the PHP Mode you're using to edit PHP and WordPress files. You might want to check out our WordPress Syntax mode
  • Enter the following search url : http://lookup.hitchhackerguide.com/*
  • Hit "Add" to create the book
  • Once this is done you can lookup WordPress and PHP functions by using CMD+Click on a function name.

I hope you enjoy this service and would be happy if you leave us some feedback on the main site. We're always looking for ideas and will be happy to fix any issues you might run into.